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Bibliothèque d'IMPRESCRIPTIBLE d'ouvrages ou d'articles parus dans la presse au Royaume Uni

I  -  II


Armenian Legends and Poems - 1916 Turkey and Armenia ; a selection of documentary evidence relating to the Armenian atrocities from German and other sources (1917)
Pad of Talaat Pasha translated into English

42 Blythe Rd, London W14 0HA, England
Century - September 1918 - Persecuted Armenia


Two parties, two massacres Ahmet Refik

Part II

Letters from the scenes of the recent massacres in Armenia 1897 The murderous tyranny of the Turks , Toynbee . 1917 The Illustrated London News , october 10, 1896.
Armenia and It’s sorrows by W. J. Wintle - 1896 Committee of Mercy Letter and Pamphlet Matyred Armenia by Faiz El-Ghusein Bedouin Notable of Damacus . London 1917
Armenia and the War by A.P. Hacobian With a preface by the RT. HON. Viscount Bryce, O.M. London 1917 Letters from the scenes of the recent massacres in Armenia. London 1897 Armenia and the Settlement 1919
The Times - august 13 1919 Illustrated London News 23-11-1896 #  707 Genocide in turkey 1975 , The Union of Armenian Students in Manchester